Energised Water

Although only relatively new the idea of Energised water, it is certainly been with us since the earth was created.

All things in the world carry a frequency or subtle energy field that is resonant to its nature of survival. If distorted whether it be a human body or a plant the result in the end is death. Like wise if we promote the correct frequencies for the human body or plant we have a increase in well being and health.

Your TruHealth is happy to say we have a new product which is activated salt or magnesium which carries minerals in its own form but also the activation is actually the correct frequency for 127 acupuncture points using the salt and 132 using the magnesium.

The effect of using activated salt and magnesium in the human body can be mild to astounding in some people. We endeavour to keep you up to date as to what is happening with any of the trials being conducted using activated salt to create Energised Water.

Ethical Consumption for People, Animals and Planet

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written from
3 years research by Kim Stewart - BA Philosophy, BSc Honours
BA Environmental Management & Policy
and President of the Animal Liberation Queensland
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