Rain Water and Tank Water

Over two hundred years ago, a drop of rain water that had fallen from the sky was about as pure and as clean as you could get. So is it safe drinking water?

Today, we have a myriad of air pollution from fossil fuel burning, pesticide and insecticide farming, burning sugar cane smoke debris, aeroplane emissions and spraying and anything else that happens to fall on your roof or collect in your gutters.

Scrutinising the contents of some tank and rain water can reveal a deadly cocktail of poisons and substances in minute traces that destroy healthy body cells or collect in the body and cause harm from long term consumption.

Bacterial and viral contamination in tank water is very common and elimination cannot be guaranteed even with the use of chlorination or other dangerous methods of sterilisation.

The alarming amount of bacteria and viruses that do breed in tank water is a reason for a lot of peoples' upset stomachs and abdominal pain. With the body trying to battle the bad bacteria in the stomach, it leaves very little energy and very little happy people. Sometimes the amount of bacteria is just enough to keep people in a tired state all the time. Many people after drinking a clean and safe water source such as distilled water for several weeks after drinking tank water, immediately feel and taste the difference.

Many outbreaks in local water sources throughout Australia have given much scare to people and the safety of drinking tap water. Many buy and use filters thinking they are enough for their water purifying needs. BIG MISTAKE!

Bacterial and viral contamination in filtered water cannot be eliminated even with the use of silver in the filters. The silver in theory works well against a large amount of bacteria and viruses but due to the speed of water passing through the filter, very little silver is able to neutralise any contaminants after continual use. This drop in ability to continually and consistently eliminate all bacteria and viruses is what leaves filters out of the question as a reliable source of water treatment.

The amount of bacteria and viruses that live in water is millions and they enjoy growing in tanks due to the humid and dark conditions. People when looking at the bottom of their tank see they are certainly not drinking Pure Water.

By law you are meant to clean your tank every two years at the least. How many people do this and how many people have actually seen the bottom of their tank. When talking to people who have tanks, they often tell stories of finding animals that have drowned in the water after cleaning them out. How long where the animals in their drinking water is the question?

Tank water which has a slight discolouration to it, is considered to be "natural" and good by some people. The discolouration is a clear indication that the water is dirty and is soiled with contaminants. How could you possibly believe that water stored in a tank that has everything from the sky, on the roof and in the gutters go in with it is suitable for drinking.

Many years ago we could have safely devised ways to catch water and keep its purity. The problem we face today is cleaning the skies up so the water is not contaminated before it reaches the land.

It is a necessity to have your tank water tested, cleaned, gutters cleaned out and the latest filters and systems to have quality tank water, but still is not guaranteeing Pure Water consistently. Only through boiling your water for at least 20 mins can you kill all the bacteria and viruses in the water. This water is now contains dead bacteria and viruses that is fertiliser for any live bacteria and viruses in the body already.

So the point still is! You really need to know is it safe drinking water!

We are left with the only solution of distilling our water to ensure that you and your family are drinking Pure Water all the time.

Most old people are dehydrated and literally dry up due to insufficient water. Their hands and skin dries up looking parched, withered, dry and old. Skin is a very good indication of body hydration.

When your lips are cracked and dry your body might just be dehydrated from lack of drinking water or from drinking water which the body cannot absorb and utilise.

A constant supply of pure, clean water is what creates a healthy environment for the body to be able to live longer. Nearly all bodily processes require water to occur. Water is the environment which life exists within a human body.

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3 years research by Kim Stewart - BA Philosophy, BSc Honours
BA Environmental Management & Policy
and President of the Animal Liberation Queensland
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