Mineral water


Mineral water for a long time has been considered to be healthy and it shows us that it is and we also find now that it is not in some cases.

Long consumption of some mineral water has lead to hardening of the arteries as the mineral build up over long consumption leaves deposits upon deposits of inorganic minerals. That said there are many very well know mineral water supplies that have a great effect on the human body.

Never think that your local bore water is going to be good mineral or spring water or well water. You can get your water tested and know for certain what is good. Just call your local Water Board and ask them where you can get your water tested.

The energy in spring water is said to have excellent effects on our health enhancing the correct energy fields necessary for our human bodies due to its energetic nature. Just by sitting in the water and consuming a small amount of the water you can feel the natural energy of the water in your system promoting detoxification. Continual use of spring water will again bring a collection or system overload of minerals and will then need distilled water to help drain out the built up minerals. Although short use is recommended.

It is said once we have reached our health homeostasis then we need to be consuming spring water due to its energetic and mineral nature. Whilst we are building our bodies to our true nature we should use distilled water. Not many people have true health and need to continually or regularly detoxify from the toxins they put in their bodies. This is why we can have the balance and solution with distilled water and TruEnergy for Humans.

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