Food Additives - H

Hair products - like cosmetics, many commercially available hair products contain animal products and are tested on them. Herbal rinses for the hair are easily prepared in the home and are both ethical and economical. see Shampoo.

Halal and Kosher foods -Halal and Kosher follow a form of ritual slaughter: the latter involves stringing the animal up by the hind legs to drain the blood from the flesh, by severing the carotid artery and jugular in one quick movement using a very sharp knife. The meat is then salted to remove any blood left.

Halal butchery involves a similar process except the butcher - a holy man, must look into the animals eyes while it dies and if he (gender intentional) considers any evil to be in the animal the flesh cannot be eaten, and is discarded.
However, it was Mohammed's wish that Moslems not to eat meat at all, and meat is forbidden in Mecca. 60, 61

Heavy Metals - including mercury, cadmium, chromium, lead and arsenic to name a few, all are associated with poisoning animals and humans 12, 13

Hemp - Hemp is the longest, strongest most durable natural fibre known to mankind and has been used for over 12,000 years. Hemp can be grown in 4 months, is drought resistant and does not require herbicides or pesticides. Hemp can produce 4 times as much pulp per hectare than trees and can produce 50,000 products including paper, plastics, cosmetics, clothing, food, fuel, wood products and medicine. 3, 62

Herbicides - both organochlorines and organophosphates have been shown to cause cancer, birth defects and nervous system damage, acute toxicity kills. 2,4-D is the most commonly used in the US and Australia, containing both chlorine and dioxin which can been stored in the body's fatty tissues and has been found in breast milk. see also Pesticides. 23, 27

Honey - see Bee products.

Hormones - Oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone, of animal origin 2, 14

Humetecants - preserve moistness of product 1, 3

Hydrogen Peroxide - antiseptic and bleaching agent 3

Hydrolise animal protein - used in cosmetics, shampoo. Soy and vegetable proteins can be substituted. 3, 14


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