Food Additives - I

Ice cream mixture of milk, cream, sugar, eggs and flavourings. Some also contain emulsifier and gelatine. Ice creams containing yoghurt or tofu are also available. also see Alginates, Agar-agar, and Gelatine.

Iron - Iron deficiency is often thought to be the bane of vegetarian diets, yet an overindulgence in iron has recently been linked to heart disease. Iron is absorbed from the diet in the quantities required by the body, oversupply results in oxidation, linked to ageing. Iron is best absorbed in the presence of Vitamin C, making iron rich vegetables a good source of both. Cereals such as rolled oats, lentils, and many fruits and vegetables (esp. apricots, peas and broccoli) contain iron. The presence of tannin can decrease the absorption of iron. The Smart Basics Minerals Glossary has this to say about Iron:

"Since 1983, researchers have warned us to avoid supplements that contain iron. This recommendation is based upon hundreds of studies showing that iron may be a primary cause of free radical induced degenerative disease. In a study in the March 29,1994 issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Japanese researchers found that iron caused tubular necrosis (kidney damage), leading to a high incidence of renal adenocarcinoma (kidney cancer). This is not an isolated study, just another of the multitude of studies showing that iron is a cause of the diseases that kill us." 46
The FDA requires that food companies fortify many products with iron, which causes most Americans to get too much iron from their diet. Other toxic metals to avoid are germanium (causes kidney damage) and for some people, copper (too much can cause excessive free radical activity)

Insect Repellents - Many repellents contain DEET (N,N-diethyl-m-toluamide) which may poison the central nervous system if used in large amounts, children are particularly susceptible. Most have been tested on animals. Citronella, Eucalyptus, Tea-Tree, and Lavender oils are readily available, but also poisonous if ingested or used excessively so be warned. 78

Insulin -from the pancreas of hogs and oxen. Used by diabetics. Alternatives: synthetics, cultivated human insulin, diet change.

Iodine - added to salt, iodine helps metabolize fats, produce energy, 60% of the iodine we eat is stored in the thyroid gland and used in the manufacture of thyroid hormones which regulate metabolism, energy levels, and the burning of fat. 46

Isinglass - a gelatine derived from the swim bladders of tropical fish, used as a clearing agent in beers and wines. Agar-agar and bentonite clay have been used as alternatives.

Ivory - 70, 000 elephants are killed every year in Africa for their tusks. 55



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