Food Addtives - Z

Zinc - Non-meat foods highest in zinc include legumes, whole grains, egg yolks and brewers yeast. 1, 43, 46

Zoos - While it is true that zoos maintain endangered species, many zoos are neither rich nor spacious enough to meet the needs of their inmates. The habitat of a cage is far from natural, and imitative habitats have not proved advantageous to breeding either. Large preserves are certainly a better way to preserve species, allowing animals to act out their lives in a way that is natural to them. There is no denying that some zoos are exploitative, existing only to turn a dollar and for human entertainment. As recently as October 1997, a zoo in Beijing, China was promoting 'horse fighting' as a means to attract the jaded tourist dollar. 49, 14


Ethical Consumption for People, Animals and Planet

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